XXTT Membership For Entrepreneurs, Digital Nomads, Start-ups

Be part of an exclusive club, Luxxetta offers our members unparalleled access to every indulgence they can imagine. Our team of concierges develop a very personal relationship with our members, we always anticipate their needs and we are dedicated to the proposition that everything is possible.

Our members enjoy exclusive perks and access that covers all aspects of your stay in Thailand. Once you become a member a personal concierge will be assign to you to evaluate preferences, we use this to showcase services that you may value the most. Romantic weekend or a business trip with your partners, everything is at the tip of your fingers. Our network of contacts ensures that our Members get the very best life has to offer.

XXTT Membership

Our Partners

Luxxetta partners with restaurants, hotels, nightlife venues, retailers and more to give you access to VIP treatment in your city and across Thailand.

XXTT Membership

The Benefits

Enjoy benefits from complimentary cocktails and airport transfers. Our team constantly adds perks and benefit for our members.

XXTT Membership

The Community

As a member of the Luxxetta community, you gain access to private events including rooftop soirées, openings, yacht parties, galas and more.


We will only accept select members. This is an unbridled membership with generous benefits, access to an exclusive black book of events and connections. Our concept is to open a new world of privileges for our XXTT Members.

To apply for the XXTT Membership please fill in the form below. If your application is successful we will contact you. (Preference will be given if an existing XXTT member has referred you. Thus potentially decreasing the vetting and application approval process.).

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