Luxxetta Luxury Concierge Service On point 24.7.365

What we do

Our Luxxetta concierge service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We handle all requests be it simple or unusual, our team is dedicated to making your stay in Thailand an unique experience. Our service is tailor-made according to your requirements based on our comprehensive database of our clientele’s preferences. We offer a full or modular solutions through a complete service suite to always anticipate your needs. Attention to details and confidentiality is key and serving you is our passion.

Choose Luxxetta

Our understanding of the entertainment scene in Thailand is not limited to luxury escapades. Underground cocktails bars, clubs, the finest local food and novelty spas and massages, the Luxxetta team creates a bespoke holiday. We have access to unconventional venues no other services can provide. Our cultured and well travelled concierges will consult you on a personal level. Your experience with us becomes intimate and always professional. We pride ourselves as an boutique luxury service that is truly unique.

The Luxxetta Experiences Team

Luxxetta experiences team is a special group of concierges dedicated to creating a bespoke adventure when you visit Thailand. According to your needs and preferences, we promise unique encounters, with the finest in gastronomy, culture, combined with sports, architecture, design, fashion, leisure and entertainment.

Our concierges understand the essence of travel and hospitality for the social elite, we will take care of all aspect of your itinerary from the moment you land. The focus is always to create not a only a luxurious escapade but also a boutique experience.


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