Employee Benefits Program Happy Employees = More Productive Employees

What we do:

Supporting employees in their work-life balance is key to increasing their productivity and loyalty to your organization. Our Luxxetta consultancy team will work with you HR department to find solutions to improve your employees social well being. Our wide range of vendor partners provides your employees with a wide variety of lifestyle perks.

Why us:

With over 10 years in the industry, our experts will work closely with your Human Resource team to study your employees lifestyle habits. Workers in different industries have different lifestyles and preferences, our employee perks will be tailored made to meet your employees individual needs. The ultimate goal is to improve your employees outlook of life, improve his overall well-being which will lead to an more energized work environment. We take an holistic approach to self-improvement.

Our work process Modus Operandi

  1. Assessment
    Initial consultation to understand the employees’ needs and the organisation’s goals.
  2. Bespoke Program
    Hand in hand our consultants will work with you to define and construct a program to engage your employees. We will create employee perks that enhance their well-being to help create work and social life balance.
  3. Execution
    Our Luxxetta team will manage and execute the finalized concept through your organization. We aim to deliver the innovative program efficiently and effectively.
  4. Operations & Supervising
    For optimal program management, we will keep track of the entire project to ensure quality standards and your employees satisfaction. Reports are monitored to steer and improve the employee benefits and perks.
  5. Improvement and Innovation
    New products and privileges will be added after we do assessments to keep the employee experience consistent with our high standards.

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“Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success “

Henry Ford