Your employees & customers are your best ambassadors. Cultivate your company's goodwill

Employee Benefits Program

Is your company looking for an employee benefits program? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let Luxxetta Corporate remove the hassle and create a tailor made Employee Benefits Program for your company. 

Customer Loyalty Program

Are you a brand looking for a Customer Loyalty Program? Welcome, to Luxxetta Corporate. Sit back and relax. We will take of everything. With the aim of cultivating a strong brand loyalty with mixed methods of perks and nuances of gamification.

What We Deliver

Understanding your employees or customers are essential to our approach to creating loyalty. We take a systematic approach to provide solutions to meet your demands. In addition to Private Services, Luxxetta works with your organization and brands to enhance consumer acquisition, customer retention and product offering. With our bespoke Corporate Memberships, our clients enjoy all the benefits of a Private Membership as well as flexible solutions tailored to each company.

Our Objectives

Brand Loyalty

With our customized customer loyalty programs at the heart of customer relationships, we are able to create an innovative and personalized brand experience thats drives your brand loyalty. Our goal is to improve engagement with your customers to retain a long term brand-customer relationship.

Employee Well-Being

Creating and supporting a balance work life for your employees to increase their performance and attachment to your organization is challenging. Don’t let it be – we can help. Let us retain your best talents, enforce your employee brand image and optimize their motivation and overall performance. Build a positive corporate culture.


Create a communication plan matching your needs, through newsletters, privilege offers and invitations. Provide your customers or employees with regular events to create a sense of belonging. We build customized partnership programs to increase loyalty and offer perks. Contact us to tailer a bespoke year long content plan.

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